At Image F/X we aim to deliver the best possible outcome for you and your budget

Image F/X is basically a father and son venture, my background in the 70's and 80's was the printing trade, in the mid 80's the Apple Mac came along and turned the printing world upside down.

When I first used a Mac it was for layout, what later became known as desktop publishing and soon after that photoshop was born, it opened up whole new horizons for me. By the early 90's it was possible to digitise VHS & Beta tapes through a board and then non-linear film editing came to life. I think the earliest movie I made on a computer was in 94/95. Things where very crude then, things have changed now multi core macs, HD cameras that record to cards, Final Cut Pro, Adobe AfterEffects and of course drones.

Lucas grew up in that sort of environment, owning his first iMac at 12, it pushed him to be creative, it was no surprise to anyone that he decided to take a media course at university, he now uses those skills to make fantastic movies and animations.

Lucas and I spilt our time between the UK and Greece, there is a fair amount of work for film units in the hospitality and sailing industry in Greece.

drone spin

Meet the

Lou Sales — Head of Studio

Lucas Sales — Editor & Cameraman